NewMedia Visions is a strategic consulting & insights firm.  Our business is to help you generate revenue opportunities based on proven principals, tactics and the development of fresh new insights.  In addition to our consulting practice we build, design, and execute marketing plans, research and data analysis projects and programs – start to finish – using the most effective, practical contemporary methods.

Jim Alexander

James Alexander is Principal and founder of NewMedia Visions. He is a seasoned consultant and executive with a background in a broad range of marketing disciplines and a history innovation, influence, and impact on revenue and corporate strategy throughout his work in the advertising, media, publishing, content and consumer-technology marketplace.

James is a strategist and insights expert with proven ability to bring clarity and the consumer landscape to bear on effective decision-making.  He is a trusted adviser that utilizes statistical approaches and presents them in a compelling and understandable manner.   He has held insights positions with major media, technology companies, advertisers, and agencies across products and major brands in these categories:


  • Outdoor Sports
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Media
  • News
  • Weather
  • Team Sports
  • Outdoor Adventure Series
  • Infotainment Series

An internal strategic consultant, analytics and research leader throughout his career, James began as a teacher of broadcast technology at Michigan State University and then as an agency trainer of advertising strategy and media planning at Leo Burnett. James’ has a curiosity for what motivates consumers and how to define and appeal their needs.   He has always had a passion for media, technology and consumer electronics that continuously keeps him involved in emerging media and its impact on social structures and business. Here are a few of his areas of expertise:

  • Advertising
  • Measurement
  • Effectiveness
  • Optimization
  • Strategy
  • Digital Media
  • Mobile Applications
  • Analytics
  • Insights & Research

James earned an MBA from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate School of Management. His coursework consisted of emphasis in marketing research methods, statistics, data analysis, psychology and telecommunications. He is a member of several industry associations and served on the board of directors for the MSU College of Communications, having been recognized as Outstanding Alumni.

“I am honored and thankful for the brilliant colleagues who worked with me throughout my career and deserve much of the credit for our accomplishments.”  Jim Alexander