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Innovation from Consumer Insights: How my career found me

By Jim Alexander

I was fascinated by media competition in high school, always watching, listening, reading and wondering why TV and radio programs ranked as they did.  My passion for rating victories and how to use insights based strategies started when I chose a successful mentor.  In high school I watched as Fred Jacobs was twice tapped as an executive at a major-market radio station WRIF and both times watched the station rocket back to first place in ratings, once as ...

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Top Myths of Digital Video and Emerging Media

In this blog I intend to address some myths that drive popular culture regarding emerging media and advertising.  Let’s begin with a myth that provides an introduction.

Myth #1:  The Sky is Falling and Other Headlines

We have been hit with doomsday headlines and companies have spent barrels of money preparing for something that will not happen or certainly will not happen to the extent or as quickly as proclaimed.  An excellent example of this is an article with the headline Continue Reading →