Media Measurement usually refers to third party audience estimates or ratings used as the currency for ranking content or buying and selling advertising.  They can overlap, but we differentiate here from Analytics here which are the manipulation and analysis server side or digital server generated data.

Media Measurement applications and methodology is a towering strength.  James has 30 years experience participating, using, leading, influencing, correcting, negotiating, purchasing, analyzing and investigating many forms of media measurement including Simmons SMRB, GfK MRI, Nielsen, ComScore, Rentrak, Google Analytics, App Annie and many other niche products.   His curiosity drives the time James spends studying the details of measurement and how it changes and evolves makes him an expert.

Measuring media, sorting out the options, and interpreting the data can be complicated.  We are experts in simplifying it to make it work for you. We help you navigate the rapidly changing media options and wide array of approaches to leverage media usage data.  If your goal is understanding,  accurate measurement, positioning, defining audiences, negotiating media, selling, telling your story or positioning your strengths we can help.  We are experienced and shrewd negotiators of media measurement contracts on your behalf.

James is comfortable drilling down into the details of measurement methods which can be necessary to understand them, to evaluate them, or determine if they are fair and objective.  Making sure media measurement suppliers are objective and doing what they must provide in terms of method descriptions is the role of the Media Rating Counsel which James enjoys working with for the betterment of the industry and fair crediting and audience estimate resulting revenue for audiences of all types of content.

Terms and Metrics

  • TV Ratings
  • Unique Users
  • Average Audience
  • Time Spent Viewing
  • Cume
  • Un-Duplicated Audience
  • Demographics
  • Market Breaks
  • Psychographics
  • Click through rate
  • Page Views
  • Time Spent Viewing
  • Server Side Data
  • Pages Served
  • Pages Loaded
  • Page Views
  • Referral Page
  • Out of Home
  • Mobile
  • Digital Video
  • Alternate Platforms
  • Commercial Ratings
  • Live Viewing
  • Time-Shifted Viewing
  • Video on Demand VOD
  • Subscription Video Demand SVOD
  • Pay-per-View

Terms and Methods

  • Edit Rules
  • Crediting Rules
  • Encoding
  • Water Mark
  • Audio Code
  • Video Encoding
  • Meta Data
  • Area Probability Sample
  • Set Top Box Data
  • Commercial Load
  • Dynamic Advertising
  • Live Viewing
  • Ascription
  • Incidence
  • Index
  • Media Ratings Counsel MRC